August 1, 2022

When a ruthless land baron employs threats and violence toward the townsfolk of Canyon Creek to build his empire, they summon Danner and Payne to even the odds.


Return to Canyon Creek

In the third installment of the international award winning series by John Layne comes a story that reunites the justice-seeking duo of Luxton Danner and Wes Payne for their toughest test yet.

After suffering the loss of their beloved Marshal, the peaceful town of Canyon Creek is besieged by a merciless land baron with visions of turning the quiet settlement into a raucous boomtown. Employing threats and violent tactics to force out vulnerable ranchers, farmers and proprietors, Gilford Knox set his sights on devouring every inch of land in and near Canyon Creek. Now, Knox held businesses occupy half the town, and the remaining proprietors are being pressured to sell or suffer the consequences. 

When Knox builds a rowdy saloon, mercantile, hotel and bawdy house, an old friend summons Danner and Payne, who bring their gunslinging brand of justice to quell Knox and his posse of renegades. Joined by a quartet of former Buffalo Soldiers, a gun toting farm girl, and mysterious young gunfighter, Danner and Payne set out to do what they do best, defend Canyon Creek or die trying.       

Book 3 in the series. A Luxton Danner Novel

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“In Return to Canyon Creek, John Layne uses lavish descriptions and intriguing characters that put the reader right in the time period as well as capturing the rugged, yet natural beauty of the Texas Old West.”