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Red River Reunion

From the author of Gunslingers: A Story of the Old West comes a second novel about freedom and justice on the American Frontier and the Old West.


Red River Reunion is a classic Western Fiction novel set in 1877 that traces the lives of U.S. Deputy Marshal Luxton Danner and Texas Ranger Wes Payne during their latest Texas adventures, where they risk everything to defend the meek, uphold frontier law, and satisfy their pursuit of doing what no other men can.


Tragic circumstances, lawlessness, and villainy, mark life in the Old West as settlers and law enforcement band together to survive and thrive and create a safe and prosperous future for all. Fans of Layne’s distinctive style will enjoy his rich characters and period details that bring the Old West back to life.

Book 2 in the series. A Luxton Danner Novel


Gunslingers: A Story of the Old West

Gunslingers: A Story of the Old West is John Layne’s inaugural novel set in the Old West packed with family drama, action, and adventure. In this, Book One of the Luxton Danner Series, author John Layne tells the story of Joel Thornton and his daughter Elizabeth, as they seek frontier justice with legendary U.S. Deputy Marshall, Ben Chance.


Joel Thornton is a retired U.S. Deputy Marshal now living a quiet rancher’s life. Days after welcoming his daughter Elizabeth home, a fugitive seeking revenge attacks his ranch. Badly wounded trying to protect his home and save his daughter, Thornton sends his daughter on a dangerous mission to find help from the only man he trusts to save his beloved family and ranch.


Fans of Western Fiction novels are in for a treat with Layne’s crisp, strong prose and cinematic style.

Book 1 in the series. A Luxton Danner Novel



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