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Return to Canyon Creek

Return to Canyon Creek

Book 3 in the Luxton Danner Series

In the third installment of the international award-winning series by John Layne comes a story that reunites the justice-seeking duo of Luxton Danner and Wes Payne for their toughest test yet.

After suffering the loss of their beloved Marshal, the peaceful town of Canyon Creek is besieged by a merciless land baron with visions of turning the quiet settlement into a raucous boomtown. Employing threats and violent tactics to force out vulnerable ranchers, farmers, and proprietors, Gilford Knox set his sights on devouring every inch of land in and near Canyon Creek. Now, Knox held businesses occupy half the town, and the remaining proprietors are being pressured to sell or suffer the consequences. 

When Knox builds a rowdy saloon, mercantile, hotel, and bawdy house, an old friend summons Danner and Payne, who bring their gunslinging brand of justice to quell Knox and his posse of renegades. Joined by a quartet of former Buffalo Soldiers, a gun-toting farm girl, and a mysterious young gunfighter, Danner and Payne set out to do what they do best, defend Canyon Creek or die trying.       


The Luxton Danner Series

A Western Fiction Trilogy Like No Other

John Layne’s classic Western trilogy introduces two more memorable gunslinging characters to the genre. United States Deputy Marshal Luxton Danner is a surprisingly well-educated lawman from Fort Smith, while Texas Ranger Wes Payne is “saddle smart” and quick on the draw.

In Gunslingers, A Story of the Old West, Danner and Payne are brought together in a chance meeting, then join forces on a quest to assist a young woman in pursuing the outlaw gang that ambushed her father and stole the family’s cattle and horses. The dangerous mission follows the men through rugged Texas countryside where ruthless bandits and renegade Indians look to foil their pursuit of Western justice.

In the Fall of 1877, outlaws found the settlements along the Texas side of the Red River to be easy targets for pillaging. Unbeknownst to each other, Danner and Payne are dispatched to the banks of the watery border between Texas and the Indian Territory to aid in protecting the settlements. Their second meeting thrusts the story of Red River Reunion into action, leading the duo on their most harrowing mission yet. Realizing they are under siege by more than just a renegade band of outlaws, Danner and Payne call upon the people of Range to unite to save their town. The ensuing battle may destroy one of the towns they were sent to protect.

In the third installment of the Luxton Danner Series, Danner and Payne are summoned by an old friend with a plea to Return to Canyon Creek and quell the efforts of a ruthless land baron’s attempt to conquer the town. Anticipating a formidable foe, Danner recruits a third gunslinger and a quartet of former Buffalo Soldiers to join him in their defense of Canyon Creek. Upon the defender’s arrival, Danner and Payne grudgingly accept the assistance of a young lady gunfighter whose family’s ranch has fallen victim to the land baron’s nefarious tactics. Together, Danner and Payne lead their group of defenders into an epic confrontation between good and evil on the Texas frontier.       




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